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Just tell me the characters you want. Give me a theme. And you pay when its done. All I want is a minimum of one point. The price is up to you.

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“Offkeys! Wait up one moment!” Deputy Harmons and Dr. Krins rush over to meet the band as they walked down the road.
Cal looked up to the deputy “Deputy Harmons. Somethin I can help you with?”
Harmons was panting slightly, but regained his composure “I have a favor to ask of you guys”
Clarice stepped forward “Sure, what do you need?”
“We would like to join you guys on your next tour. Deputy Harmons was…gifted a certain mask and he needs to find its rightful owner.” Dr. Krins gave Clarice a half bow of respect “can we?”
“Oh course groovy doctor man~ We’d be glad to let you join~”
Harmons suddenly hugs Jenny tightly “Thank you!”
Jenny chuckles “No problem Officer~”
Harmons lets her go and steps back. “well, unless one of you wants to be Pinstripe?”
Eric quickly looks up, but Cal turns to him “No” Cal’s gaze stern. “None of us wish to be Pinstripe”
Pandora chuckles “Pinstripe can’t be a girl anyway right?”
The group collectively shrugs as Harmons hands Pandora the mask “No idea”
Pandora looks at the mask with pure curiosity. She smiles before quickly putting it on before anyone could object.
“Wait!” Cal reached out too late, with another bright flash of light, Pandora’s whole look changed, from bright, trendy clothes, to a form fitting cocktail dress, her hair becoming flowing black curls. Her necklace becoming various shades of grey and black.
“oh-ho ho!~ It’s been a millennia since a female hosted me.~” She looked down at her body “Mmm~ Beautiful, but not my desired host~” She chuckled before removing the mask, only her necklace returning to normal.
“wow! Nice dress” Pandora smirked to herself “I think I’ll keep this~”
Harmons looked down at his own outfit as Pandora handed the mask back “Maybe I should change back into my uniform…suit’s just don’t feel right to me”
Clarice scoffed “Nonsense officer Harmons. That suit fits you just fine”
Harmons raised an eyebrow in response “Thank you Clarice. But still, I need to get my uniform anyway. Can I trust you guys with this mask?”
Mike reached his hand out “Sure Deputy. None of us are crazy enough to put it on anyway. Right guys?”
Cal, Jenny and Clarice nod. Pandora shrugs, still softly feeling her own body in her dress. Eric looks away from the mask. Harmons had his doubts, but handed the mask to Mike anyway. “Keep care of it guys. None of us like Pinstripe, but Sherriff Waters has a point, the world needs him, it.” He shivers slightly “just…take care of it okay?”
“Sure Sherriff, we’ll keep it safe” Mike puts the mask in his bag. “Go get changed. We leave tonight.”
Harmons smiles slightly and walks off. Leaving the band, and Dr. Krins, to stand in the road.
“You gonna put it on Mike?” Cal strummed his guitar as he leaned against a wall.
“No, my powers would make him too dangerous. And I don’t think a metal head Pinstripe is what the world needs.”
“Or a not so groovy Dj~ Or a jazz girl~ Maybe a girl who respects the classics~” Jenny playfully nudges Clarice. “Huh?~ You think so Clare?~”
“It’s Clarice Jennifer. I’ve told you this already. Calvin, maybe you can be Pinstripe?”
“No Offence Clarice, but Pinstripe was already a cowboy, and you saw how that worked. Nah, maybe Mike.”
Mike looked up from his bass “Huh? I already said no though. All of us would be a bad Pinstripe. Psyco DJ Pinstripe? Laid back Jazz Pinstripe? Pop Pinstripe? Metal Pinstripe? Cowboy Pinstripe? Maybe Clarice yah, but I still have my doubts. Our abilities would be too dangerous to give to a trained, perfect killer. Let’s just leave it to Deputy Harmons to find the next Host.”
Krins stepped forward into the group “No one in town would be Pinstripe. We all are too dangerous if we became Pinstripe.”
Cal nods “Dr. Krins has a point. Actually, Dr. why are you in town? You normally only come into town for December? Its April.”
Dr. Krins chuckles “Vacation my boy, vacation.”
Cal skeptically nods “Okay…. can I ask another question?”
“Of course” He smiles kindly.
Cal steps closer “Are you…. Santa?”
Dr. Krins laughs “Cal, how long have you known me?”
Cal raises his eyebrow “uh, about twelve years…why?”
Dr. Kirns continues laughing “And it’s taken you twelve years to figure it out?”
Everyone suddenly looks up to Dr. Krins, Jenny drops her saxophone.
“W-what?~ No way groovy candy cane man~ Santa ain’t real~”
“Oh Jenny, for your tenth birthday, you got a bowtie from your dad, it was green with red stripes. You wore it that Christmas, where you got your first flute. Your parents didn’t buy that flute; they didn’t know who got it. I did.”
Eric slowly removed his glasses, revealing his neon green eyes “You got me my first laptop.”
Dr. Krins smiles “You had a hunger to make music. I Got Cal that hat for Christmas last year. Mike his first set of Drumsticks. Clarice her first conductor’s staff. And Pandora her favorite bracelet. I got everyone in town their most prized possession. “
Mike was the only one of the team who didn’t seem to be surprised “I always knew Santa was real. Always kinda guessed it was you. It was pretty obvious actually”
Dr. Krins laughed “Of course it was obvious! I wasn’t hiding, hell, I only come to town in December.”
Mike smirks “yah, pretty obvious”
Dr. Krins softly pats his back “You always were a deceivingly smart boy Michael. That’s why you always got gifts. And the power you have, is perfect for you”
Out of all the band, Cal was still the most shocked. He looked at Dr. Krins with such a surprised expression, full of disbelief. “I…I am friends with Santa”
“Yes Cal. But if it helps, you can still call me Chris.”
Cal sighs with relief “Good, Chris. So, why are you joining Deputy Harmons on this trip?”
“I have seen many things in my life, including all the good Pinstripe has done for the world. I want to see that legacy continue correctly. We’ve said it before, but the world needs a Pinstripe.”
The group nods
“Meet us at the bus station at six tomorrow”
Chris smirks and nods “Alright then. See you then” He turns and waves before walking away, disappearing in a sudden blizzard of snow.
“How long has he been doing that?” Cal tilts his head “Has he always done that?”
“Probably” Mike looked down at the mask in his hands “Let’s put this somewhere safe, the last thing we need is someone in town to put this on”
The band nods in agreement. “No offense to any of yah, but I don’t trust anyone with that thing except Mike”
“Thanks Cal.” Mike looks up momentarily “Let’s go get packed” He puts the mask back into his bag before walking away, whispering silently to himself “the sooner we get this thing out of town, and away from Eric the better”
The Return of Pinstripe: Chapter 10
Exposition! Meet The OFF-Keys! Thoughts? Ideas?
Quick survey, how many are actually reading Return of Pinstripe?
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With a flash of bright light, the mask snapped onto Harmons’ face. He flinched slightly before his body stiffened, and changed. Harmons’ blonde hair became jet black, his officer’s uniform became a sleek pinstriped suit, complete with gloves and white tie. His necklace keys grew longer, and became double barreled. Soon, he loosened.
“Ahh~” A familiar sickly smooth voice came from the mask “ Harmons is your name ey? Well, Waters was right, you have control still. You are the perfect host, Ronald was weak and allowed me complete control, but you, I can truly work with~ Ah, hello again Waters, McCreed. You found me a nice host indeed~”
Waters nods “Then we better just go. My town needs m-“
Before he could finish his sentence a sudden boom rang through town.
“What the hell was that?!” McCreed drew his gun and ran out the alley, followed closely by Waters and Pinstripe. When they reached the road, they could see the Mayor’s office had been destroyed, and standing in the ashes was a spiked, flaming skeleton, holding the now unconscious mayor by the scruff of his shirt.
“Mayor Harmons, you were supposed to be stronger than this.” The skeleton laughed. “You town will be much easier to take over.”
“Now I wouldn’t be too sure about that you skeletal piece of garbage” Cal called before charging into him, and hitting him deep into the flaming building, catching the mayor in his hands. Soon, the rest of the Offkeys were by him, each with their respective instruments in hand. Cal had his guitar, Mike had his bass, Clarice had her violin, Jenny her saxophone, Pandora had her microphone, and Eric his laptop.
“Well Waters. We goin or we stayin and helpin out here?” McCreed was ready for a fight, twirling his pistols in his hands
“We’re staying. They need our help. Xalarn isn’t easily defeated.” Waters rushed to join the band, his cystal hand sharp, and dagger like. “Y’all need a Sherriff?”
Mike nods “Always, our mayor just got attacked”
McCreed chuckles “lets go kill a skeleton...How do we kill a skeleton?”
Eric cleared his throat “sound baby~” With a record scratch, the fires extinguished, and a cage of earth formed around Xalarn. “its time~ to drop dat base!” Eric laughs manically as the sounds of electronic music filled the air and the cage swallowed Xalarn into the ground, the fire gone, no sign of the monster was ever there except the ruined mansion.
Cal steps up and whacks Eric on the back of the head “turn it off now Eric”
Eric stumbles forward from the impact before the music stops “sorry”
“Nah man, that was pretty groovy~”
Eric smiles slightly “thanks Jen”
Jenny softly kisses Eric on the lips “no problem soul brother~”
“Alright, alright” Pinstripe stepped forward “Lets get Mayor Harmons here to the hospital alright?”
The band nods as Cal carries the mayor off. Pinstripe watches before reaching up and removing the mask, turning back into Harmons, with only his hair changing back.
“Well, today isn’t going as I thought it would”
“Get used to it kid.” Waters softly pats him on the back “Life is never normal in this town and you know it”
“yah” Harmons looks down at the mask in his hand. “And now I have another thing to add to that.” Harmons sighs, before putting the mask back on, his hair changing back to jet black. “I am Pinstripe now.” His voice didn’t change. The mask was Pinstripe, but the man was Deputy Harmons. “And I will no longer be a killer.”
“Yes you will. Pinstripe wasn’t just a killer. He was a force of revenge, karmic justice, and punishment. The world needs Pinstripe. They need that killer force bringing balance.” Waters stepped towards Deputy Harmons. “I became pure justice and equality, but Pinstripe is the other half, revenge, punishment, and balance. You need to be that balance.”
Harmons faced the Sherriff. “I don’t hear his voice. Only my own.”
“Because his voice is now your own. You are Pinstripe. Embrace it”
Harmons looked down the road at the gathering crowd of townsfolk. Christopher was the first to approach him.
“Well hoh hoh! Deptuy Harmons! You got a new job I see!” He chuckles “You became the newest host?”
“Yes I did Dr. Krins. And nobody worry! I am in control here!” His gaze caught site of the local town Sherriff, Sherriff Albertson. “Sherriff!”
Albertson looked up from his coffee to face his deputy. Albertson’s necklace was a key adorned with blue jewels, wings, and a sword utop it. “Deputy Harmons? Where’d you get that mask?”
“These two here brought it.” He points out Waters and McCreed. Waters nods, his eyes a blazing white flame. McCreed simply makes eye contact. Albertson approaches them both “Let me guess, Pinstripe gone and got himself killed didn’t he?”
“If you’re asking that you obviously already know” Waters’ bandana was a calm yellow flame “But I didn’t take your deputy. He’s still in control of himself”
“Yah, watch Sherriff” Harmons reaches up and removes his mask, his hair returning to its blonde color. “I can take it off whenever I want. Pinstripe doesn’t control me. I just inherited the role.”
“From what I can tell” Waters faces Harmons “The spirit of Pinstripe has moved on. Leaving you to take its place. There is no spirit to take over a body until you die. Then you truly will be Pinstripe.”
Harmons sighs “So it really is my responsibility now?”
Waters nods, then faces Albertson “He’s your problem now Sherriff. I have my own town to protect.”
Albertson smirks “Yah, yah. Get out of my town then”
Waters nods, and chuckles slightly “McCreed, 45, lets go” He reaches out his hand to Albertson.
Albertson nods and shakes his hand “safe travels”
Waters nods as he walks off, leaving Harmons to stand in the center of town, next to a burning mansion, and a possessed killer mask in his hands. He sighs “What am I doing with my life?”
“Well, apparently you are going to become a tool of revenge” Christopher smiled. “And like they said, embrace it”
“Thanks Chris. But I’m not. I am not the one to host Pinstripe. I need to find someone better. And its definitely not here in town”
“Offkeys are going on a tour soon. Go with them, find your replacement”
Harmons looks down the road, watching as the band walks back from the hospital.
“Yah…I’ll join their tour. And find the real host, because its not me”
The trio found themselves on a concert stage, facing the band, Offkeys.
“Well look at that. Real cowboys…and a robot?” A taller member of the band spoke first, garbed in typical country attire, cowboy hat, flannel shirt, denim jeans and boots. He had a guitar strapped to his back. His necklace was a quaver note covered in rust, wrapped in barbed wire, the end a boot spur, and the flag an axe head.
“Groovy~” A female member of the band with a saxophone in her hand smirked at the trio. She was dressed in a sleek black suit, her necklace a quaver note with a sleek, curvy design, and a slight blue tint.
The second male member of the band chuckled. He wore a black hoodie with neon in the hood and up the zipper, he wore glow in the dark sunglasses. His necklace was a pixelated quaver note with partial data corruption.
The second female band member scoffs, “Great, more savages.” She wore a classy, formal suit, in white. In her hands a violin and bow. Her necklace was the basic quaver note, black, formal.
The third male band member looked up from his drums “Hmm, looks like Cal finally has family here eh?” He had long, unkempt hair, wore a black leather jacket over a dark grey t shirt and black jeans. His necklace was a jagged black quaver note, with the end having a red, blood like pattern.
The final female band member smiled brightly at the trio” Hi there! Im Pandora!” Her clothes were trendy, bright, and somehow not to distracting. Her necklace was a dual quaver note in a rainbow of colors. “I am all about Pop music! Rap, Hip-hop, j-pop, k-pop, that sort of stuff!” She points to the western dressed man “That’s Cal, he’s the country guy!” She points to the female with the saxophone “That’s Jenny, she’s real jazzy” She chuckles at her own joke, then points to the man in the hoodie “That’s Eric, our local Electronic dj.” She points the the woman in the white suit “That’s Clarice, she’s all about classical music” She them gives the drummer a tight hug “And this is Mike! Our metalhead!”
Mike coughs from the hug “Pandora! Too tight!”
Pandora laughs “wimp”
McCreed raised his eyebrow “Six different, very different genres. How are you one band?”
Cal steps forward “They actually aren’t all to different. Especially since Clarice there is the glue to hold us all together. “
Clarice smiles rather smugly “Well” her smile fades “Me and Pandora actually.”
Jenny walks up to Colt 45 “nice robot~ We had this cool musical robot in town the other week. Do you play music?”
45 looks down at the musician “No ma’am”
Jenny chuckles slyly “shame man~ Real shame~”
“Alright everyone” Waters stepped forward “We need to see the mayor”
Eric pointed out the auditorium.
“He’s pointing the way” Mike spun his drum sticks “They mayor is in his office”
“Thanks Mike” McCreed was the first to hop off the stage and out of the building.
“Hold on McCreed” Waters was following closely behind “The mayor knows me. And he isn’t the best guy. The mayor is cunning, and cruel. He’s almost a villain McCreed. Don’t go running in by yourself”
McCreed scoffs. “What? Should I be scared or somethin?”
“No” Waters was focused on the mayor’s office in the center of town. He occasionally turned and saw the various people in town, and their various necklaces. One had a key, wrapped in chains, and covered in screws, another had two candy canes in an X formation, and someone else had two dog-tags, a pistol and a sword. The variety didn’t surprise Waters. He’s been there before.
“What’s with all the necklaces?”
“They represent the individual, and gifts the wearer with certain abilities. Most commonly a weapon”
“Weapon?” McCreed sees the man with the candy canes. “What kind of candy cane is a weapon?”
Waters looks at the candy cane man. “That’s Dr. Christopher Krins. He’s normally only In town for December. And trust me, he can fight.”
McCreed seemed unconvinced. “Yah, sure”
Waters stopped in front of an alley way behind a local donut shop.
“Why are you stopping? The Mayor’s office is down the road”
Waters didn’t respond, and walked down the alley.
“Waters?” McCreed followed, while 45 waited by the road.
“The next host is close by” Waters walked down the alley way, eyes scanning back and forth “I can sense it. He’s in this area”
“A run down alley…yah this somehow seems right actually.”
“Hey!” a voice from the entrance of the alley called out “What are you two doing there?”
Waters turned around to see who was calling him. He saw a blonde man, with a necklace of two gun shaped keys, in a police uniform. “We’re looking for a friend…and I think we just found him…”
McCreed turned to face Waters “him?”
“Wait, wait! Sherriff Waters? Is that you?”
Waters walked towards the officer “That’s right Deputy Harmons. I see you still wear Hidden Gifts.”
Deputy Harmons placed his hand over his necklace “of course I do. They are my main weapons.”
McCreed seemed confused “How is a necklace a weapon?”
The deputy faced McCreed and smirked “Outsiders. Heh, like this” He opened up his hands and his necklace disappeared, then reappeared in his hands as the full size guns that they were.
McCreed quickly stepped back. “Yup. You are the new host alright”
Harmons looked at McCreed strangely “Host? Host of what?”
“Pinstripe” Waters pulled the mask out of his shirt.
Harmons stepped back “What? Me? Are you serious? Pinstripe is a killer, why would I host him?”
“Because you are a fighter, you are strong enough to actually work with Pinstripe and not be controlled, and if an actual killer hosted him, he’d be too dangerous.”
“You have a strong enough will to be able to willingly wear, or remove the mask. You are the perfect host. That’s why we came to Keypers Cove. We knew the next host was here.”
“Well…what happened to the last host?”
“You know Fatality?”
That name sent shivers down Harmons spine “yah, I know. And I can fill in the blanks now…give me the mask…”
Waters handed him the mask and stepped back “careful son. Stay focused and you will be able to regain control”
Harmons nods before slowly putting on the mask…
“Well. Lets see how this goes.” McCreed stood, ready to draw out his guns.
“This should work” Waters stood calmly, waiting.
McCreed rose to his feet and moved forward into the cave. He tried dislodging the pick-axe from the Vessel’s chest, but the heat of the steam melted the bronze onto the axe blade.
“Darn thing” McCreed said with a sigh before giving up. He got a few more feet into the cave before seeing the familiar sparkle and glow of the diamonds.
“Jackpot” He spoke with a half smirk as he approached the cave wall, and used his knife to carve the diamond out of the rock. The gem was bigger than his hand, and sparkled brighter than the stars in the sky.
He smirked and put the gem in his pocket and headed out the cave. At the mouth of the cave he showed Guilty the diamond.
“Where’d you find that?”
“Past that monster’s lair. Its dead, let the miners know they can go deeper now” McCreed handed Guilty a small burlap bag of gold coins “For letting me in”
Guilty smirks and nods “pleasure doin business wit yah” He chuckles as he walks off with his gold
McCree rolls his eye and walks back to town, to find Waters. He got one foot into town before getting shot in the back.
“McCreed, didn’t I shoot you already?” The Mexican accent thick, and somehow very drawing.
McCreed rose to his feet and turned to face his attacker. “Scorpio? How many times have I ran you out of town?”
Scorpio was your typical Mexican bandito, except for the scorpion tail and pincers. Everything about him made you want to run away, yet also, stand by him, and obey him. “Yah, you did. But you can’t really get rid of me?”
“You sure?” Without hesitation McCreed shot Scorpio between the eyes, killing him instantly “I already know that damn Zodiac spirit will just resurrect you anyway” With a scoff, he walked into town, to the office of Sherriff Waters.
“McCreed. Good to see you again” The town Blacksmith Ra;ps wasn’t human. Ra;ps was a blue skinned, six armed alien. The last survivor of a failed invasion. He was given the choice to either stay and join the town or be killed. Ra;ps was genuinely interested in staying, and since being in town for only two years, he already doubled their technological advancement.
“Ra;ps. Good to see you as well. You got my rifle fixed?”
“Yup, and better than ever” Ra;ps entered his shop and exited with a four barreled rifle, complete with magazine “One trigger, four barrels, magazine capable of holding 50 rounds at a time. Enjoy Sherriff”
McCreed smirked as he took his new rifle “Thank you Ra;ps.” He tosses him a bag of coins “You should take the day off, visit the saloon”
Ra;ps winked and caught the coins “Don’t mind if I do Sherriff”
McCreed smiled and headed inside the Sherriff’s office. “Waters! I got the diamond!”
Waters walked out of his office, there were green and brown feathers in his hat. “Good, give it here”
McCreed tossed the diamond to Waters and sat down. The diamond immediately began glowing once Waters caught it. Waters studied it closely as the colors changed from green, to blue, to purple, then red, before finally ending in a dark black.
“Its ready. McCreed, go wake 45 for me” Waters took the glowing black diamond back into his office, his eyes no longer white but black as well.
McCreed failed to notice the change, as he stood. “Sure.” He watched Waters leave before getting up himself and walking to the closet, where Colt 45 waited and charged his energy cells. “45! Activate Protocols 8-4E.s and WT-92.0GH!”
Slowly 45 reactivated, color returning to its eyes, gears whirring, functions returning. “Activation protocols complete” 45 stepped out of the closet and into the hall “Sherriff McCreed, was your mission a success?”
“Yes it was 45, thank you. Get ready for the next mission alright?”
45 nods “Yes Sherriff”
Inside the office, Waters was holding the glowing black diamond as it began growing, soon covering his hand, and ultimately replacing it. Waters looked down at his gem hand and sliced the air, opening a time portal. “Gentlemen! Get in here!”
McCree quickly entered the room, followed by 45. “What the hell? Waters what the hell did you do to your hand?”
“Gem technicis. Empowering a diamond, then absorbing it into you allows minor universe distortment.” Waters looked down at his hand, and moved the fingers “It’s permanent however”
“Gem hand eh? That doesn’t sound too bad”
“I have a wife remember?”
“Oh. Right…Well diamonds are a girls best friend?”
“Elizabeth ain’t no girl. She isn’t interested in gems anyway” He puts his hands in his pockets “Portal’s open. Go in”
McCreed turned and faced the portal “You got the mask?”
“Of course. Go”
McCreed nods “where is the portal going? What year?”
“2016, Keypers Cove.”
“Keypers Cove? That place with those musicians with the weird necklaces?”
“That’d be the place. That’s where we find the next host”
“You think someone from that town would just volunteer to host Pinstripe? They all know him. As a killer”
“They trust me there. We can find someone to host Pinstripe…willingly or not…”
McCreed looked to Waters “No, willingly.”
“Right. Willingly”
McCreed hesitantly nods and enters the portal.
The Return of Pinstripe: Chapter 7
Another short chapter! What do you guys think so far?
Quick survey, how many are actually reading Return of Pinstripe?
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